A State of The Art Blockchain With The Best Features of Blockchain Technology To Date Built To Be Widely Used For Industry-Cases Decentralized Applications


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About Eureka

EurekaCoin (ERK)

Eureka Coin (ERK) is the native coin of the Eureka Blockchain, a state of the art decentralized distributed ledger that combines the best features of Blockchain technology to date and offers a unique framework for a worldwide network of decentralized consensus. The Eureka blockchain not only uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism which insures efficient scalability, it also allows other tokens/sidechains to use independent proof of stake networks on top of Eureka giving them full power to secure their own ecosystems independently and in a completely decentralized way.The development company helps the stability of the price of ERK with its buy back & burn plan. The buy back& burn process will end when the total circulating supply of the coin is 10 Million ERK.

What makes EurekaNetwork Groundbreaking?

The Eureka Blockchain is built to be able to host innovative Blockchain implementations and practical DeFi solutions for worldwide use. The smooth scalability that Eureka allows makes it possible to develop complex independent ecosystems on-chain as well as through side-chains. The Eureka Network is a user-friendly open-source development framework to deploy any type of decentralized applications & it is built to allow other projects to create tokens & ecosystems that can be secured using their own independent PoS networks. With theindependent PoS solution that the Eureka Blockchain allows thestakers of those projects get to be fully in control of their sidechains and their networks of nodes receive the staking rewards of that independent network. Every single transaction that takes place on the Eureka Blockchain burns some Eureka Coins (ERK) out of circulation. The Eureka Blockchain comes with a complete user-friendly infrastructure of wallets, full node and SPV clients, exchanges, etc. By the time the Eureka Blockchain is widely used worldwide the development company will launch prepaid cards denominated in ERK and a merchant API allowing Eureka Coin to be used by various businesses throughout the world as a means of payment.

EurekaX Centralised Exchange

To insure a high quality market place to trade Eureka Coin (ERK) the development company created the EurekaXcentralised exchange featuring the highest liquidity exchanges in the world by linking the EurekaX order book with those of the top crypto exchanges such asBinance and OKEx and the rest. All projects that are built on top of the Eureka Network will be guaranteed a free listing on EurekaX. Eureka Coin (ERK) is used as a base coin on the exchange.

EurekaDEX De-centralised Exchange

In the second half of 2020 the Eureka Network will release its own built-in decentralized exchange, EurekaDEX, which will allow all tokens built on top of the Eureka Blockchain to be traded in a completely decentralized peer to peer way. 10% of the profits generated from this exchange will go towards the buying back and burning of Eureka Coin. EurekaCoin will be used as a base coin in EurekaDEX.

PoS Tokens & Sidechains

Every PoSstaker of every token/sidechainbuilt on top of the Eureka Blockchain receives EurekaCoin (ERK) as the staking reward since Eureka Coin (ERK) is the native coin of the blockchain with which transaction gas is paid.

Eureka Coin (ERK) is already being used as a utility coin throughout a number of websites and online projects.

With only 150 million ERK ever in circulation as an initial supply, EurekaCoin (ERK) will become much scarcer with time as 10% of the transaction fees of the network are continuously burned.

Development and Humanitarian Foundations

The EurekaNetwork has two foundations that aim at making this world a better place. The first one, The Eureka Tree of Life Foundation, was created to support various ever growing self-sustainable charities and humanitarian projects worldwide. The other foundation, The Eureka Development Foundation, is available to incentivize developers and marketers to continue growing the Eureka Blockchain itself and the community for years, decades, and centuries to come.

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Key Dates


Decentralized Trust

A decentralized and open source DAPPs, smart contracts, DeFi, and value transfer protocol.

Proof of Stake

Nodes are rewarded for validating transactions and there is no waste of value outside the ecosystem. PoSis one of the components of the Eureka Blockchain that allow it to be fully scalable.

SPV Support

Simple Payment Verification techniques for greater efficiency and integration of mobiles in the ecosystem.

Decreasing Supply

The development company Polaris Universal Limited uses its net profits to continuously buy back and burn ERK and this will continue until the total circulating supply is 10 million ERK. 10% of the transaction fees of the blockchain are continuously burned.


Chains that run in parallel to the Eureka Blockchain offering endless possibilities and opening the door to lightning networks and payment channels as well as fully independent PoS ecosystems.

Ready for Business Use

A scalable and reliable blockchain that allows for on-chain and off-chain development. The Eureka Blockchain is designed to allow for a Transaction Throughput Capacity of 10,000+ tps.



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